FINO - Beard Balm

FINO - Beard Balm

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* Made with natural ingredients 

* Our conditioning balm is ideal for keeping your beard, hair and skin moisturized.

* This product features base ingredients like coconut oil (to add shine and soften hair), menthol (which stimulates hair growth) citrus limon (contains anti-fungal properties which promotes hair health), jojoba oil (prevents clogged pores and protects skin from harmful bacteria) and sage oil (which serves as a conditioner and helps balance oils in hair and skin).

* Our Bayrum parfum is a subtle yet rich fragrance that is appreciated by men and adored by women around the world. Its unique blend creates a distinctly masculine scent to be enjoyed as part of your grooming routine.

* Less is more when applying the balm to your beard and skin. Use as often as necessary to keep your hair soft and healthy, relieve dry skin and even keep hands & face moisturized. Either way, we recommend adding this product to your daily regimen. 

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